Shaharyar Khan points out challenges faced by Pakistan cricket at MCC


The chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board Shaharyar Khan gave a lecture at MCC world committee meeting where he pointed out the challenges faced by Pakistan cricket and it’s impact on the players and board.

Shaharyar Khan said that Pakistan has to host it’s home matches away from home in UAE which has meant that they suffer due to high costs and fans back home are deprived of live action.

The chairman also said that BCCI has not played a bilateral series with Pakistan for the past decade which has also hurt Pakistan cricket and deprived us of revenue.

Excerpt from PCB’s press release

Talking about the challenges being faced by Pakistan Cricket, Shaharyar Khan presented three as the foremost. First, Pakistan being the only nation in the cricketing world which has been forced to host its home matches abroad. And, that too, in one of the most expensive destinations in the world, the United Arab Emirates!

This, he said, was not only hampering Pakistan’s progress in pure cricketing terms, but also was a serious drain on the resources generated by Pakistan Cricket Board.

Second, the India issue: where the BCCI has committed to playing bilateral series with Pakistan but is disallowed to meet its obligation by the Indian government now for nearly a decade.

“This deprives Pakistan of a sizable and critical revenue stream. Needless to say that it hurts Pakistan cricket”, said Shaharyar Khan.

Third, this is an indisputable fact, that despite so many obstacles owing to Pakistan Cricket Board’s endeavours the Board had remained solvent. That said, he emphasised on the point that due to financial constraints stemming from the first two hurdles, PCB was unable to invest in development of cricket – first class, youth and further developing women’s cricket as well as its depleted infrastructure.