Shaharyar not optimistic anymore about India-Pak series


Pakistan cricket board chairman Shaharyar khan has said after meeting the Indian board officials that he no longer optimistic about the Pakistan India series to happen in December this year.

He was disappointed by the way the Indian board handled the matters and their attitude towards this important issue. He also denied any chances of the occurrences of triangular series about which rumors were spread before this meeting.

According to Shaharyar khan he was not sure that the two boards will meet again in the near future. He said that Pakistan was eager to have a series with India but for the series to take place both boards have to put in an equal effort rather than just one side rooting for this cause.

He also declared that Pakistan will not boycott the T20 world cup scheduled to take place in India in 2016 but it remains to be seen that will their be appropriate security for Pakistan team to go for such a tour in intense situations like these.

Earlier Shaharyar khan was asked to go back home by the extremist Indian group Shiv Sena and the BCCI head quarters in Mumbai was also stormed which is why the meeting was shifted to New Dehli.