Shaharyar requests ICC for special compensation fund


Due to the high revenue losses that the Pakistan Cricket Board has to bear by hosting matches outside Pakistan (UAE) the chairman of PCB Shaharyar Khan has decided to request ICC to set up a special fund for the board in order to compensate for the revenue losses.

Before departing for England Shaharyar Khan told PTI that it wants all member cricket playing nations and ICC to set aside a small percentage of the income from ICC events for Pakistan as they will use it develop and promote cricket in Pakistan and make up for the millions of dollars the board has lost due to lack of international cricket in Pakistan.

“We want to use this special fund to develop and promote cricket in Pakistan,” Shaharyar, who is scheduled to represent Pakistan at the annual ICC meetings from June 27 in Edinburgh, told Press Trust of India prior to his departure for London.

“We will request the International Cricket Council and member countries to put aside a small percentage of its income from ICC events for this special fund for Pakistan cricket,” he added.

The board incurs heavy cots when it hosts its ‘home’ series in United Arab Emirates which is why a small percentage from ICC’s income could be beneficial for the board according to Shaharyar.

“When we play a series in UAE the costs are high and generation of revenues not good enough for us. As a result we are losing revenues annually and that eats into our funds set aside for development purposes and for our affiliated regional associations,” said Shaharyar.


Shaharyar added that the security situation in Pakistan is improving but it is too early to estimate as to when international cricket will resume in Pakistan.

“The security situation throughout the world is not stable but things are improving in Pakistan. But it is very difficult to say for certainty when we can host international teams at home. We don’t want to take decisions in haste and regret it later,” said Shaharyar.

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