Shaheen hails Mr Salman Iqbal for promoting MMA in Pakistan

Shaheen hails Mr Salman Iqbal for promoting MMA in Pakistan

Uloomi Karim Shaheen, the co-main eventer of Brave 17 MMA event, has all praises for Mr Salman Iqbal for promoting the mixed martial arts in Pakistan.

“A big shout out for ARY and Mr Salman Iqbal for supporting mixed martial arts in Pakistan,” said Shaheen while talking to ARY Sports.

He is ready for his fight against Philippines’ Jeremy Pacatiw in the co-main event of Brave 17 on October 27th at the Nishtar Park Sports Complex, Lahore.

“I am training hard for my fight, it will be my comeback bout after I lost my previous encounter,” said Shaheen.

Talking about his opponent, he told he is a fierce striker, who has solid low kicks and his strategy would be to strike as hard as possible.

“It is MMA, you cannot expect a fighter to not do certain things, you fight everywhere, it goes everywhere, my simple strategy is to strike him and take him down whenever I feel the need,” he added.

Brave 17 coming to Pakistan is a huge opportunity for the local MMA fighters as Brave Combat Federation is paving its way to the top and top notch fighters in the world are fighting under their banner.

“Pakistan was producing fighters in numbers, but there were no events, the events got completely extinct and disheartened MMA fighters just stopped training,” he shared. “Everyone, budding and experienced MMA fighters of Pakistan, wants to be on the card of Brave now, because it is such a prestigious show.”

Earlier, the founder and CEO of ARY Digital Network, Mr Salman Iqbal signed a contract with three companies, Brave Combat Federation, Rockville, GreenHill Sports and MRG to bring the international Mixed Martial Arts franchise to Pakistan.

“ARY is the first and the only channel to take MMA onboard, who have signed an agreement to promote the sport in Pakistan,” he said. “This is a huge step, I believe MMA stars in Pakistan will start getting the recognition.”

He believes that Mr Salman Iqbal’s measure of highlighting MMA in Pakistan will create awareness about this sport, it is the most positive thing that has ever happened to mixed martial arts community in Pakistan.

“I hope ARY keeps supporting and promoting MMA,” he added.

“The talent pool will increase in Pakistan, Brave holding this event in the country is just the beginning, I hope more such events will take place here,” he added. “Pakistani pugilists will start to compete and will get a platform to showcase their talent,” he went on to say.