Shahid Afridi threatened by underworld don Dawood Ibrahim


NEW DELHI: Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim has threatened Shahid Afridi to shut his mount or else face dire consequences for commenting against Javed Miandad.

According to reports Shahid Afridi’s wish for a farewell match before finally bowing out of international cricket has snowballed into a huge controversy. Miandad criticized Afridi for asking for a farewell match as he believed that the flamboyant player was asking for it due to the monetary value attached to the match.

During an event in Karachi Shahid Afridi said that the legendary batsman Javed Miandad is always after money and this is precisely the difference between him and Imran Khan.

“Money has always been an issue with Miandad. That is the difference him and Imran Khan,” said Shahid Afridi.

Shahid Afridi has asked Javed Miandad to take back his words or else he will take him to court in order to clear his name. He added that the claims from Miandad have caused grief to his family and fans which is why it is important for him to restore his reputation.

Dawood Ibrahim, whose daughter is married to Miandad’s son, has stepped into this ongoing controversy by stating that Afridi should stop commenting against Javed Miandad or else he will land into hot waters.