Shahnaz Sheikh opposes FIH decision to scrap champions trophy


Former Olympian and Pakistan’s hockey legend Shahnaz Sheikh has expressed his disappointment over the scrapping of the Champions trophy because he thinks that a time of gradual decline of interest in hockey this is not a sensible move.

While talking to media, according to Pakistan Observer, the former player said that the decision to replace champions trophy with global hockey is unfathomable and the FIH, instead, should have lauded the efforts of Pakistan Hockey rather because they were the ones who introduced this event.

“It is very sad that the decades old event introduced by us is being done away at a time when interest in the hockey is on the decline all over the world,” he told media persons on Monday.

“Instead of popularizing Champions Trophy and recognizing our efforts for promotion of hockey the FIH is scrapping this prestigious event. The move will not benefit the game of hockey,” said Shahnaz,


Shahnaz added the FIH should have introduced Global Hockey League as a separate event rather than excluding another event from the calendar all together.

Leandro Negre, who is the current president of FIH, hinted that some drastic changes will be made and this is move was an example of that. Although Shahnaz fins Negre as a good person who loves Pakistan hockey but the former Olympian believes that the people around him are making him take decisions which will harm hockey.

“Negre is a great man. He has great love for Pakistan hockey. But I fear some people are trying to influence him and making him to announce things which may harm hockey”.

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