Shahryar Khan apologizes to Waqar Younis over leaked report


Shahryar Khan, the Chairman PCB, has apologized to Waqar Younis, the former head coach over a leaked confidential report that he submitted to the board for the fact finding committee.

The PCB Chairman confirmed that he met the former head coach of Pakistan on Monday and apologized over the leaked confidential report on which Waqar Younis was extremely cross with the management.

The report contained reasons for Pakistan’s disastrous performance in the Asia Cup and the World T20, the report that he submitted was extremely secretive, but, it was leaked to the media within an hour after he submitted it.

Shahryar Khan said, “It was unfortunate that his confidential report was leaked to the media from the board.”

Khan went on to say, “I apologized to Waqar and wished him the best after he informed me that he has decided to resign as head coach. Meanwhile, the meeting was held in a good environment and I have promised him the board will hold an inquiry to find out how a confidential report was leaked.”

Waqar Younis earlier said on the leaked report that it would not damage him; it will shatter the confidence of youngsters about whom he has written in the report. Waqar blamed Shahid Afridi’s poor captaincy as one of the main reasons of Pakistan’s debacle in the two big tournaments.

The former fast bowling great resigned from the post of head coach three months before his contract was to be expired. The PCB has to pay around Rs. 4.8 million to Waqar Younis for the next three months, however, the former head coach announced that he wants the board to invest his remaining sum of money for the betterment of domestic structure.

Waqar said, “Money is not everything,”, he further said, “I have said it if they want they can also use the dues payable to me (around Rs6 million) now for improving the domestic cricket structure. At the end of the day it is all about improving things in Pakistan cricket and not about individuals,”

The Pakistani fast bowling legend seemed satisfy with Khan’s apology, “I am just satisfied that the board chairman called me and listened to me patiently to what I had to say. He also apologized for the leakage of my report and said an inquiry would be held to find out who is responsible for this.”

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