Shahryar Khan seeks help from universities for the improvement of cricket


LAHORE: PCB Chairman Shahryar Khan addressed the all Pakistan universities Vice-Chancellor’s Meeting at a hotel in Lahore and discussed the downfall of cricket in the country.

The PCB Boss recalled that in 1950’s and 60’s, a majority of the national players were selected from universities, especially from Punjab and Sindh.

Shahryar Khan pointed out that one of the reasons behind Pakistan cricket’s decline is that universities aren’t producing good enough cricketers for the country.

He further said universities in the past used to have the first class status, but, now they have lost it and they don’t even qualify for the grade II cricket.

The Chairman of the board asked universities to join hands with the PCB to help them improve the standard of cricket in the country. He also assured complete cooperation from the board.

He announced a five member committee that includes member of HEC, Vice Cehancelor’s and the PCB to kick off the process to revive university cricket.

Shahryar Khan also announced a nationwide school tournament earlier on Monday with the name of Hafeez Kardar Cup.

Hafeez Kardar Cup is likely to be played in the next cricket season and the board is expecting thousands of children to play in the tournament. As per the plan the best players will be sent to the NCA for coaching.

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