Shashank Manohar may become Chairman ICC and step down as BCCI Chief


Shashank Manohar’s name is in circulation for the first ever independent chairman of the International Cricket Council, thus, there is a possibility that he might step down from the post of BCCI head.

Shashank is already BCCI’s nominated chairman in the ICC, but, the executive board has passed a rule that chairman of the ICC should be an independent person and must not hold a post in any other cricketing board.

Manohar is the most talked to get this position, but, still there are some uncertainties.

“There is still some way to go before this becomes a reality. You have to first get the proposals passed by esecutive committee ratified at the ICC Annual Conference in June. Also you are talking about Shashank leaving BCCI for ICC. Now what is the guarantee that new BCCI president whosoever it is will agree to Shashank’s ICC candidature,” a former BCCI secretary said.

Some experts are also stating that Shashank might not take the risk of leaving the key position of the BCCI to become Chairman ICC because it will be hard for him to get the consensus.

“Keep in account that England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and Cricket Australia (CA) are not exactly very pleased after his decision to dismantle the revenue sharing structure where ‘Big Three’ got the share of the pie.”

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