Shawn Rhoden wins Mr Olympia 2018 title

Shawn Rhoden wins Mr. Olympia 2018 title

Jamaican American IFBB professional bodybuilder Shawn Rhoden made history on Saturday as he becomes the 14th ever Mr Olympia after defeating seven-time Mr Olympia champion Phil Heath.

The two competitors stood close to each other after going through one last pose-off with the other three finalists Roelly Winklaar, William Bonac and Brandon Curry. The crowd went crazy when Shawn’s hand raised in the air and declared the new champion.

It was quite shocking how a 43-year-old man who stood fifth last year brought some amazing conditioning to the Olympia stage and dethroned the seven-time Mr Olympia who is five years younger than him.

Shawn shook hands and hugged his competitor and the defending champion Phil Heath. Heath’s rival Kai Greene who came second to him three times did not participate this year.

Meanwhile, Roelly Winklaar who finished at third place of Mr Olympia 2018, bagged first ever people’s champion title.

Shawn earned the Eugen Sandow Trophy that goes to the winner and $400,000 for his efforts.

The runner-up Heath, earned $150,000 for his second-place finish, while Roelly Winklaar brought home $100,000 for his third-place showing and the first-ever People’s Champion title. William Bonac who finished fourth, took home $55,000, while Brandon Curry was fifth and received a check for $45,000.