Shehzad fails to convince selectors to get him in the boot camp


Ahmed Shehzad’s efforts to get into the boot camp ended in a disappointment as the Chief Selector refused to give him a place in the upcoming camp.

The 24-year old opener met the Chief Selector, Inzamam Ul Haq today after he wrote a letter to the PCB and requesting to include him in the boot camp.

Shehzad was the top scorer in the recently concluded Pakistan Cup, he scored 372 runs in the tournament, but, he was overlooked by the newly appointed selector due his discipline issues.

The board also asked Inzamam to add him in the boot camp after the letter he wrote in which he assured better behavior and he being the best batsman of the Pakistan Cup, but, Inzamam consulted his selection team and they unanimously went against including him in the camp.

Younis Khan, who himself was in the news for leaving Pakistan Cup in the middle and was served a show cause notice by the board despite of apologizing, supported Shehzad and asked the board to give him another go.

As per reports, selection committee made this decision with a perception that if Shehzad is given a green signal as a 36th player to the camp, it will send a wrong message and will put the committee on a back foot if such a situation arises in future.

The boot camp is scheduled from May 14th to June 4th in Kakul under army supervision to improve the fitness level of players, the squad for England tour is likely to be named from the 35 players that are going to attend the boot camp.

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