Shoaib Akhtar
Shoaib Akhtar to undergo knee replacement surgery

Former Pakistan speedster Shoaib Akhtar will undergo a knee replacement surgery in Australia next week that would give him permanently relief from his pain which he bore for his entire career.

Akhtar posted a video on his Youtube channel where he said that after this surgery he would be able to live pain-free.

“After 22 years, my knee will finally be fixed. The doctors are going to replace my right knee” he said.

The cricketer said that he has been suffering from the immense pain from the beginning of his cricketing career, but went on to play for 14 years in the same condition.

Akhtar recalled his debut back in 1997 when the doctors told him that he cannot pursue his career more than two years.

“I was taken to the doctors after my first Test match and they told me I had about two years (of vigour) remaining,” he said.

“Doctors used to drain blood out of my knees before and after every match, fellow cricketers used to think that I was off to some club when in reality I would be at the hospital getting injected by four syringes,” the fast bowler said while talking about his career threatening knee injury.