Shoaib Malik: I am lucky to have Sania Mirza as wife


Pakistani batsman Shoaib Malik cemented his place in the Pakistani One Day International squad after putting in impressive performances with the bat and the bowl. Malik, who was out of the team for a couple of years due to his inconsistent knocks, was among the Pakistani cricketers who were instrumental in propelling Pakistan towards a series win over the Lankans.

Shoaib Malik

And who did Shoaib decide to give credit to for his awesome batting display and consistent approach? His wife, Indian tennis star athlete Sania Mirza. According to the sensational all-rounder, he found a good companion in Sania to discuss issues with her as an athlete.

“At times you are not able to talk and share your thoughts or feelings with someone in the team and I am lucky to have Sania. She gives me that required cushion where I can discuss things with her at a sportsman’s level and get good advice,” Malik said.

Sania Mirza had recently clinched the Women’s Doubles Wimbledon championship with Martina Hingis. Malik also said that his wife’s untiring efforts and dedication towards her career.

“I know how hard she has worked for her success and it has also driven me to do the same in cricket. That is why I was able to make a successful comeback to the Pakistan team which makes me very happy now,” Malik stated. Malik also revealed that when Sania used to be in the stands to watch him play, it used to add pressure on him to do well for Pakistan.

Shoaib Malik

Shoaib Malik acknowledged in the end that he had made mistakes in the past but they had helped to make him a more mature and calmer person, at the end of the day.

I want to be a top all-rounder and that is my goal. I know I have made mistakes in the past and I regret that now. But it has also made me a more mature and calm person and athlete.”