Shoaib Malik initiates #PakistanZindabad movement

Shoaib Malik initiates #PakistanZindabad movement
Shukriya Pakistan

Pakistan’s veteran allrounder, Shoaib Malik has initiated a movement #PakistanZindabad where he wants to trend it for at least 40 days to register a new world record of longest trending hashtag.

The former Pakistan captain wrote in a blog that things related to politics, artists or athletes trend on social media, whereas, he wants something positive to trend about Pakistan. He wants everyone to respect each other in all situations.

“Let’s do our part in showing the world the side of Pakistan we all love, cherish and share every day. We are Pakistan’s ambassador – to the people around,” he wrote in his blog.

He emphasized on using their power and responsibility carefully.

Malik put forward an idea to post something positive on social media, which could be anything.

“So here’s an idea, what if we all tweet once per day on something great about Pakistan, it could be a picture, or a quote, a moment, about history, achievements, records, a fact, anything that we love our country more for – using #PakistanZindabad – for at least 40 days,” he further added.

Shoaib Malik told in the blog that he wants to trend it for at least 40 days as the longest trending hashtag has been 39 days and some hours.

The 35-year old wants to give prayers, the most precious gift, to Pakistan on her 70th birthday.

“Let’s give the best gift we can give to our country on our 70th Independence Day celebrations this year – our Duas for her as the longest trend ever,” he stated.

As soon as Shoaib Malik initiated the movement, his fellow cricketers started putting their contributions in.