Sialkot Hockey Stadium used for school cricket matches

Sialkot Hockey Stadiu
Sialkot Hockey Stadium used for school cricket matches

Hockey Stadium in Sialkot has been used to earn money as cricket tournaments are being organized on a regular basis which is interrupting players’ training schedules.

An International player made a video showing the students in uniform playing cricket on the hockey turf.

He said that playing cricket there is completely destroying the hockey turf which will cause difficulties for them to resume their training sessions.

“I don’t know who has given them the permission to use turf for playing cricket,” he added.

He also claimed that they are not allowed to play hockey in the ground where the National Championship is to take place soon.

This player appealed the higher authorities to take action over this matter so that they can easily use the hockey turf.

“I appeal to the higher authorities in Sialkot to take action against those people who are misusing this ground,” he said.