Sindh High Court stops T10 League from using Pakistani cities’ names

T10 League

Sindh High Court has forbidden the controversial T10 League from using Pakistani cities’ name for their franchises in an order released on Friday over a petition filed earlier.

The verdict from the Sindh High Court has been dubbed as a decision that will serve Pakistan cricket’s interest. It has been told that any name that resembles with the name of any city of Pakistan, such as Karachians, shall not be used during the 10-over tournament.

The court has also instructed the dubious T10 League to fix their advertisements, where they are exploiting the names of Pakistan’s cities. If the league does not follow court’s instructions, the act will be considered as the contempt of court.

Experts suggest that the verdict from SHC will help Pakistan Super League’s cause, which is Pakistan Cricket Board’s own blockbuster cricketing league.

Earlier, PSL franchises had also expressed concerns over T10 League using the country’s cities’ names. They termed the move as “a mean attempt by a foreign entity to target Pakistani cricket viewership market,” though the league has no affiliation with the country. The PSL franchises have asked the board to pay attention to these problems before they get severe.

Furthermore, PCB chairman, Ehsan Mani had refused to issue Pakistani players No Objection Certificate (NOC) until he gets satisfactory answers about T10 League’s organisers.

India’s former captain and legendary batsman, Mohammad Azharuddin had refused to serve as the president of a talent hunt program in India for the ten-over league, citing reports surrounding the tournament.