Situation remains hectic on second day of National Hockey Championship


The national players faced the same poor situation during the second day of National Hockey Championship which kicked off in Karachi on Tuesday.

As many as 19 players were forced to spend the night in a room which was impossible for them to survive. “You won’t believe that 19 players including coaching staff stayed in a room,” a player told media on the sidelines of the match.

The level cleanliness is poor in the rooms which are provided to them during the championship. The officials, on the other hand, are staying in hotels.

Hailed from different regions of Pakistan, players find no one to listen to them last night as they were forced to spend yet another night with immense difficulties.

“Just see the cleanliness of bathrooms. You can’t even stand there for a minute due to smell. There is no water to take a bath,” a player laments.

The players were not able to do proper practice prior to their continuous matches at the venue. “Without proper practice how can we play the matches. We are here for the last two days but the situation here is worst,” players said.

While talking to the media players appealed to the higher authorities to keep check and balance during a tournament at the national level. “I have told it earlier that this is a national tournament but the facilities here are not according to such level,” a player from Islamabad told media.

When the media tried to approach some officials present at the moment about such situation so requested for some time. “Give us some time as things are getting better. We are trying our best to get rid of the situation,” an official told media.

It is pertinent to mention here that the players were left out when they reached Karachi a night before National Hockey Championship. No generator facility, drinking water, and restrooms were provided to the players.

The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF)’s secretary Asif Bajwa on the situation also asked t give them some time to hold the things properly. “Don’t judge us on the first day of the championship. We are keen to make this event successful,” he had said.