'Smart Ball'
'Smart Ball' - The next big invention in Cricket

After the flashing bails, spider-cam, DRS and numerous technologies in cricket yet another major innovation ‘smart ball’ has been introduced by an Australian ball manufacturer at Lord’s cricket ground.

The smart ball has a micro-chip fitted in the innermost layer of the ball through which the bowler will be able to fetch the information such as speed at release point, pre-bounce and post-bounce after the ball is delivered.

The chip inside the ball can be connected to a smart phone, smart watch or tablet app, thus making the data analysis and testing process more convenient and efficient.

This Smart Ball not only help the bowlers to gather the data but it can also assist the umpiring and Decision Review System (DRS) process by showing whether a ball has definitively hit the bat or the grass, in the case of catches that are too close to call.

Previously, it was being rumored that the new Smart Ball will be used in Australia’s Big Bash League but Cricket Australia later announced that they are looking to test it further, after which it may be introduced in the next Big Season.

It is expected that the game of cricket will become more entertaining and exciting after this unique idea.