Smith backs du Plessis in ball tempering saga

Smith backs du Plessis in ball tempering saga
Smith backs du Plessis in ball tempering saga

Australia’s skipper, Steve Smith has opened up about the ball tempering saga and has stated that every team in the world including Australia shine the ball in the same manner as Faf du Plessis did.

International Cricket Council (ICC) held South Africa’s captain guilty for ball tempering as he was caught putting saliva on the ball with a mint in his mouth to shine it. He has been fined for his entire match-fee of the Hobart test.

Du Plessis earlier said that Australian players will not react over the controversy because they shine the ball in a similar manner.

“The Aussies won’t talk about it at all because they know it’s part of their team as well,” du Plessis told reporters on Wednesday.

“(The controversy) has not been driven by the (Australian) cricketers at all. There’s been no comment whatsoever from them, in fact it’s all been positive comments.

“I even read a comment from Darren Lehmann supporting and backing me, which was really good to see.”

Steve Smith has backed his South African counterpart saying, “Every team around the world shines the cricket ball.”

“I have seen Faf’s comments in his press conference. And I make it very clear that we haven’t come out and said anything about Faf or about how he was shining the ball or anything like that.

“We along with every other team around the world shine the ball the same way.”

However, former Australian captain believes that du Plessis is lucky to avoid ban and play the third test of the series.

“I’ve been a little bit disappointed with the way they’ve acted, to tell you the truth,” Ponting said.

“As has been shown, he’s been proven guilty. They’ve made out that it was all a storm in a teacup when he’s actually broken an ICC (rule).

“He’s got a 100 per cent match fee (fine) — he was probably lucky not to get a game (suspension). It’s not the first time he’s done it, either. But the game goes on.

“These things happen in the game all the time and you move on. Everyone is hoping to see a great Test in Adelaide this week.”