South Africa cannot host any major international event due to slow transformation


South Africa will not be able to host any major ICC event because Cricket South Africa failed to meet the transformation guidelines. The sanction is imposed by South Africa’s sports minister, Fikile Mbalula, after receiving the annual transformation report from eminent person’s group (EPG), an appointed committee by the minister. South Africa cannot host any major rugby, athletics or netball event as well because those associations couldn’t transform them according to the guidelines.

There is no major senior level international cricket event scheduled in South Africa till 2023. However, they are due to host U-19 World Cup in 2020. CSA cannot hold a significant tournament in their country until Mbalula gives a green signal.

Cricket is one of the five sporting federations that signed a memorandum with the sports ministry for the transformation. There were different clauses for all the federations, however, a general clause was to increase the percentage of colored players to 60%, CSA fell a bit short as they have 55% of colored players’ representation. Other 45% is comprised of white cricketers.

Another burning issue in the country is the representation of black African in sports. Mbalula said, “It is the right thing to do considering the grave injustices of the past but there is also the reality that 84% of the country’s under-18 population is black African. To ignore this from sustainability perspective alone will be suicidal”. There is only 9% of black African representation in South African team.

A former CSA President and now a member of EPG, Willie Bosson stated that the actual demographics of South Africa population must be reflected in the national sides.

Bosson said, “If we cannot mobilise the black Africanisation in our sport, we will pay the consequence in the not so distance future.”

It is the third year of reviewing transformation and it is likely to be continued till the day South African teams will be adequately represented. Federations that will fail to meet the recommended transformation guidelines can face some serious consequences. The federation can face a suspension of government funds, withdrawing of government recognition that can affect their ability to compete internationally and withdrawing political support and sponsorships.

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