Watch: Spanish athlete sets incredible example of ‘sportsmanship’


Barcelona: A Spanish triathlete who stopped at the finish line to let his competitor take the bronze has been praised for his sportsmanship all over the internet.

In a video, which has now gone viral, Diego Méntrida was trailing British athlete James Teagle at the final stretch of the ‘Santander Triathlon 2020’ but Teagle mistook the direction of the course, allowing Méntrida to overtake him just meters from the finish line.

Teagle failed to turn a corner and running into a fence outlining the spectators’ area less than 100 meters from the end of the race.

However, Méntrida set a high example of sportsmanship and came to a halt at the finish line, Diego himself finished third and instead of winning a bronze medal, he gave the opponent a chance.

On this unique initiative, the management of ‘Santander Triathlon 2020’ also awarded the honorary third position, bronze medal and prize money to Diego Manderida.