Spouse Diplomacy: Sheharyar denies Najam’s claim


Dubai: Shehryar, while denying Najam’s claim of spouse diplomacy, said President BCCI Shashank Manohar’s wife based on their old relationship had invited his wife for shopping and they had no role to play in exchanging information concerned to cricket.

According to details both the Chairman PCB Shaharyar Khan and Head of Executive Committee Najam Sethi met BCCI to get their response on playing the UAE series. They faced a very disappointing situation in India especially after the Shiv Sina’s attack and upon their return they issued statements which were quite contradictory. On their immediate return to Pakistan a press conference was held in Lahore in which Shehryar Khan said when he was told regarding the postponement of talks, the BCCI President Shashank Manohar did not bother to contact him or either show his regrets on this occasion. Najam on the other hand while contradicting this statement on a TV program said the contact was there but it was through the wives of BCCI’s President and Sheharyar Khan who kept communicating to their husbands, Shaharyar Khan is now hiding the facts.

While speaking to the media in Dubai Shaharyar completely denied the fact that his wife was either involved in any back channel diplomacy or any kind of cricket rehabilitation or information program. He said his wife was invited by Manohar’s wife for shopping in Mumbai which she agreed to and this was based on their old relationship, they had private discussions which had nothing to do with cricket and therefore it cannot be called a back channel diplomacy. Shaharyar Khan emphasized his statement given at Lahore and said after the announcement of postponement of talks by BCCI , Shashank Manohar has never contacted him.