Squash must be included in Olympics: Jahangir Khan


“Squash requires top level fitness at the international arena. Moreover, it is played across the globe and is not confined to a handful of countries. All-glass courts has made squash spectators friendly so I don’t think there is now any reason, which could be cited for keeping squash away from Olympics,” Jahangir said. Jahangir has won 555 consecutive matches, the biggest winning streak by any athlete in competitive sports.

Jahangir is Emeritus President of World Squash Federation (WSF), an honorary post given to him. He had served two tenures as WSF President from 2002 to 2008.

“It is the dream of every athlete to represent their respective countries in Olympics, which the biggest sports event in the world. Depriving a sport like squash is injustice,” Jahangir said.

Jahangir holds the record of winning ten British Open titles, which has actually been a virtual squash World Cup.

Although squash has many times knocked the door of International Olympics Committee (IOC) but squash is yet to find place in the mega event.