Stage set for changes in Pakistan Cricket


Cricket is one reason why 180 million Pakistanis keep themselves calm even after suffering from almost all the problems in the world . It’s only cricket that has engaged people that much that for time being they forget all their problems and watch team Pakistan playing and Afridi batting .  

For the first time in five editions of ICC world T20 team Pakistan have failed to reach the semis . Sad , very sad . Sad because we have the best talent in world but no one is there to polish that talent. So much politics going around in cricket board . We have a chairman who never played international cricket , I guess he might not even have played street cricket .

Javed Miandad , Wasim Akram , Waqar Younis , Inzamam ul Haq and so many other big names who can run the board in a proper manner but unfortunately our choices have been Nasim Ashraf, Ejaz Butt , Zaka Ashraf and currently Najam Sethi . This is all because of politics . Just as in an engineering or medical institution the dean required should be an engineer or a doctor respectively , chairman of cricket board should be a former cricketer himself because he had gone through that system and knows goods and bads in the system and then can correct those flaws in the system .

When we look at India , their team’s performances are very much like our team but atleast the system is good over there chairman of the board there is not always a former cricketer but there are so many big names like Gavaskar , Ganguly , Dravid , Kumble are there in the board doing administrative or coaching jobs . These men are young , recently retired knows very much about modern day cricket . And this helps a lot to develop cricket in India . When we look at Pakistan Intikhab Alam is there in the board for ages .

Ahmed Shehzad , Umer Akmal , Sohaib Maqsood , Bilawal Bhatti and other young cricketers can become legends like Zaheer Abbas , Inzamam , Wasim and Waqar but there is no one there to guide them . Inconsistency is the biggest reason of Pakistan’s failure in all their defeats . Clearly a Father figure like Imran Khan is missing in Pakistan Cricket .

After recent failure in ICC World T20 it’s high time to make desired changes in Pakistan cricket board . Pakistan cricket badly need a change . And the change should be from top to bottom means from chairman to trainer we need everyone professional in the board . This is the only way how Pakistan Cricket can improve and can be ranked among top 3 teams in the world if not the number one , but for a long period of time .