Stan feels that Djokovic can be beaten


Stan Wawrinka believes that he can still beat Novak Djokovic despite the fact the world number one player is unbeaten this year.

Stan is confident that he can overpower Novak because the duo have been involved in tough battles, especially in grand slams, so he will put up good show in the upcoming Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships.

“We’ve had tough battles in Grand Slams,” said double major-winning Wawrinka, who beat Djokovic in the final of last year’s French Open, and in the quarter-final of the 2014 Australian Open, before beating Rafael Nadal in the final, via Gulf News.


Although Stan believes that he has not been able to match Novak Djokovic in two set matches but this time he feels that Novak is beatable especially considering the fact that his game from the baseline is quite good and he will use that to his advantage during the tournament.

“They haven’t been that tough in two set matches, because normally he beats me easily, but in Grand Slams when we play I always play my best tennis, and my game from the baseline with the forehand makes me feel like I can beat him.”