‘Statement was for few badminton players who campaigned against me’ Mahoor


TOKYO: Pakistan’s badminton participant in Olympics Games 2020, Mahoor Shahzad said her statement regarding ‘jealousy’ was for those fellow players who started campaigning against her. 

In a clarification video after facing criticism for accusing fellow Pashtun players of campaigning against her, Mahoor said she never meant to hurt anyone.

“I apologize to my Pashtun brothers and sisters for my words in the previous video. I respect all Pakistanis and only due to their support, I reached in Olympics,” she said.

“But, some of our top badminton players started giving negative things about me in media since my Olympics 2020 participation was disclosed,

“They criticized me, they said I wasn’t eligible of playing in Olympics, they accused my father of giving money to Pakistan Badminton Federation (PBF) for my participation in Olympics. And did so many things just to pressurize me during last one and a half month, even during my matches,” she highlighted.

It must be noted here that Mahoor blamed her fellow badminton players for being jealous of her Olympics participation. “Some of our Pathan and Pakistani badminton players are jealous of me participating in Olympics,” she had said.

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