‘I enjoyed in Pakistan’ Steyn talks about PSL experience with Pietersen


Karachi: South African fast bowler Dale Steyn has revealed his experience in Pakistan for the Pakistan Super League (PSL) season five.

Steyn, who represented Islamabad United, in a live Instagram chat hosted by former England batsman Kevin Pietersen said that he enjoyed his time in Pakistan.

“I reached here (Cape Town) almost two weeks ago, I enjoyed it, the experience was good but most of the time we were at the hotel,” he said.

The veteran fast bowler revealed that it was shocking to see Pakistan weather because it was very cold from his expectations.

“One thing I didn’t do before I went to Pakistan that I didn’t check the weather, and I have never been that cold. It was absolutely freezing. I had to wear the Islamabad United uniform for 90 percent of the day and I took one jersey and one pair of track pants,” he added.

Steyn said that the decision of going back to the homeland was quite quick as he had to play the game the next day but he reached his home country before the start of the next day’s game.

“On Friday night, the overseas guys had a chat and they were thinking of talking to the PSL management. Then I was in a lobby when I got a message that they were having a meeting. It was decided right there that we were going back home,” he added.

“Our managers asked us to start packing the stuff as we were about to leave in an hour. So we were taken to the airport the same night and flown out of the country. We had a game the next day in Pakistan and I think I reached here (Johannesburg) even before the start of that game.” he maintained.

The 36-year-old was sad to leave Pakistan because he was there to play cricket but for a moment he thought that the crisis that has occurred due to coronavirus was big then all this.

It must be noted that in the last phase of PSL 5, overseas players were asked to choose an option whether to stay or go back to their country and most of the overseas stars opted to go back. The knockout stage of the competition, unfortunately, got postponed.