Strenghthen our sports ourselves and stop begging to Indians‏


When these two countries, Pakistan and India play against each other, the entire cricketing world watch them play because it is probably the biggest rivalry in world of sports . But for a long time they have played hardly on few occasions , world want them to play but the government “Indian Government” don’t want to play against us in any game Cricket , hockey, Kabadi etc.

Pakistan cricket board has so far tried its best to play against India but Indians have made up their mind to not to play against us . Shaharyar Khan didn’t care about his life and went to Mumbai for meeting with BCCI on their invitation to discuss about this series but there they were attacked by Shiv Sena workers and were asked to go back home or they’ll have to suffer even worse than they wouldn’t even ever have thought. It’s not for the first time since taking charge of chairman PCB Shaharyar Khan is on a mission to play a bilateral series against India but India too seems to be on a mission of not playing against Pakistan .

Not only Shahryar Khan Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar who is currently one of the best umpire in cricketing world, Wasim Akram the best fast bowler world have ever seen , Shoaib Akhter the fastest bowler left India soon because Modi sarkar is such useless that they can’t provide them security .

When we go few days back to hockey champions trophy there we saw the sportsman ship of Indian crowd they started chanting slogans against our hockey team who beat India in the semifinal . And in the Kabadi World Cup that too was taking place in India there too the umpires did injustice with Pakistani players infront of cameras. Later on after seeing the cheating the results were canceled by world Kabadi federation . India just want to win no matter how , otherwise they’ll throw bottles at you or will even burn the stadium , and then they say ” Aanay Do” . This is team India for you .

Now come to the point what we should do now . We know when it comes to football our ranking is in 170s , now a days even in hockey we are going down and down after every tournament . People are watching only cricket these days and want the team to win . So instead of begging India for a series PCB should spend money on grass root level , make grounds , academies , gyms and the same should be done by other sports bodies in the country. We should make our cricket , hockey and football teams such strong that world would want to play against us . Cricket , football, hockey and other boards in the country should unite , should help each other financially and the government should also help them . Because we Pakistani fans want to see those golden days back again when we were champions of Cricket , hockey , squash and snooker at the same time . And we should do that ourselves instead of knocking others door .