Suarez lashes out at Neymar critics


Uruguay and FC Barcelona striker Luis Suarez has defended his teammate and Brazilian player Neymar after his fellow striker was criticized due to the poor run of form he was going through. He asked the critics to stop blaming Neymar for the dip in form because every player goes through a bad patch and the players are not machines to score day in day out.

“When things are going badly we all take responsibility,” he said at a charity event (Quotes via

“Over the past few days one person has been blamed but that’s not the way it is. We’re not machines; every player goes through a bad patch and it hurts that Neymar has been blamed.”

“When we were winning nobody said that only Ney was winning. It’s about the team. He has feelings and it wasn’t fair to blame him, but one thing in his favour is that he always fights and never lets his head drop.

Barcelona are currently top of the La Liga and they next face Sporting in another must win match to stay at the top of the pile. The Spanish side were knocked out of the UEFA Champions League by Atletico Madrid.



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