Sunil Gavaskar’s lack of interest in Indo-Pak series


Former Indian batsman and now a commentator Sunil Gavaskar has sparked a new debate in world cricket after his recent statement that the clash between the neighbours is no longer the same as it used to be. He added that both sides do not play frequently anymore but that has not affected cricket to any great extent (interview with NDTV)

“They (India and Pakistan) – unlike the Ashes — haven’t played bilateral series since 2012 and before that also the contest between the two was pretty sporadic. So, I don’t think this has affected world cricket at all,”

He added that the quality level of teams is no longer the same which is why the level of excitement will not be the same. He also mentioned successful bilateral tours between the two nations but he considers them far better than those from the recent past.

“No disrespect to the players of the both the teams but the excitement level will not be very high. When Sourav Ganguly’s team toured Pakistan in 2004-05 and Inzamam-ul-Haq’s team came to India in 2007-08, the excitement levels were way high because of the quality of the players in both sides,”

“Once again, with absolutely no disrespect to the current teams, I am not too sure if the clash between the two teams would be that exciting as those two series,”