Super Boxing League will be the most prominent boxing league of the world: Amir Khan

Super Boxing League will be first boxing league of the world: Amir Khan

The world-famous boxer, Amir Khan is confident about Super Boxing League’s success as he stated that it will not only be the first boxing league of Pakistan, but it will be the first of its sort in the world.

Amir Khan, who is currently in Pakistan on a tour, told that he wanted to hold a quality boxing league in the country that is why they wanted to give all the team owners ample time for preparations.

“We were making sure that all team owners get time to get sponsors for their teams and get preparations completed,” he said. “We wanted to assure that this boxing league has the highest quality so we wanted to build it properly.”

Khan mentioned that the founder and CEO of ARY Digital Networks and the owner of PSL franchise, Mr Salman Iqbal will be his partner in the revolutionary boxing league in Pakistan.

“Mr Salman Iqbal was one of the main reasons for which we wanted to come to Pakistan because we saw how much he works for sports and how much he supports sportsmen in the country, even myself,” he said. “Also how he backs teams and leagues, so I thought he is the right man to partner with for this boxing league,” he added.

The Super Boxing League is likely to take place in March 2019, after Pakistan Super League 4.