Superstar Mehwish Hayat comes out to support hockey


Pakistan’s superstar Mehwish Hayat visited Abdul Sattar Hockey Stadium in a bid to support the national game.

“I saw a video on social media in which two players were finding out water to drink. They were up to fill a water cooler during the match. I didn’t know about such championship at the national level,” Mehwish said while talking to the media on her tour to the hockey stadium which is in its worst condition.

“I am disappointed to see the condition of this stadium. This is supposed to be a world-class stadium as hockey is our national game,” she added.

Earlier, Mehwish noticed a tweet in which a video shows two hockey players filling water cooler. She immediately felt for the national game and replied to the tweet. “This is a shocking state of affairs for hockey in Pak. We were world champions, Olympic champions – the best in the world. What happened to our national sport?! Like cinema, we need a revival of Hockey in Pak. We need to take drastic measures. No reason Y gold cannot be ours in Tokyo,” she wrote.

The superstar actress/model appealed to the government to do something for the national game. “We are four times world champion and three times we won the Olympics’ gold medal. Why we recognize only cricket and not other sports in the country?” Mehwish raised questions.

The gorgeous Mehwish also hold hockey and netted the bowl to show his interest and support to the national game.

It is pertinent to mention here that national players faced humiliation due to improper facilities by the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) when they reached Karachi to play National Hockey Championship.

No electricity, drinking water and proper restrooms made it impossible for the players to follow their regular training routine. They spent the first two nights on the streets due to the poor situation in restrooms having no beds.