Supreme Court slams BCCI for not developing the game


The Supreme Court in India, on Tuesday, slammed the Board of Control of Cricket in India for their inadequate measured to develop the game in India and the mishandling of funds. The BCCI has failed to implement the recommendations made by the Lodha Panel in January which included legalizing cricket betting and structural changes in order to ensure transparency in the affairs of the BCCI.


The judges scrutinized the Board’s lawyers for allotting money without any accountability and explanation which has meant that the funds are being misused.

“Out of 29 states 11 are begging for money, this is not good. You allot money without demanding explanation which is basically corrupting them,” the judges told the Board’s lawyers according to NDTV

Chief Justice of India TS Thakur reprimanded BCCI on the fact that some states are clearly being neglected such as Bihar because the necessary funds were not provided to them. But the BCCI responded to this by saying that we have carried out measures to develop the game by stating that they help out all the affiliate and associate members along with the full member.

Chief Justice of India TS Thakur said: “How do you expect neglected states to develop if you don’t give them money. For six years, not a penny given to Bihar,” adding: “You have done nothing to promote the game.”

The BCCI said in reply: “We have started activities in Union Territories to promote the game. We gave help to all affiliate and associate members apart from full members. Arunachal Pradesh and Bihar did not give audited accounts, that’s why they did not get funds from 2010.”