Suspension of Yasir Shah is a loss for Pakistan says Rameez Raja


Karachi: Former captain Rameez Raja says banning Yasir Shah has not only harmed him but the country as well. Muhammad Yousaf says mistake has been committed by Yasir may be he took some medicine without consulting anyone. Sikander Bakht says the PCB and the medical staff are responsible for Yasir’s detainment.

While speaking at an occasion Rameez Raja said suspension of Yasir shows irresponsibility. It has not only harmed the player but the country as well. Muhammad Yousaf says if Yasir has taken some medicine to gain strength it could create a problem. Sikander Bakht says it shows incapability of PCB, its the PCB medical staff who is to be blamed in Yasir’s case.

According to sources Yasir Shah has also been ousted from the training camp and the medical panel is studying his situation closely in order to put up a strong case in his favor.