Swann to seek glory for Pakistan in 50m freestyle event at Rio


RIO DE JANEIRO: Lianna Swann, Pakistan’s top swimmer that holds 11 national records will compete in 50m freestyle event on Friday at Rio Olympics.

Swann is extremely happy to represent Pakistan at such a grand stage and told Khaleej Times that she has worked her heart out to get prepared for her upcoming race.

The female swimmer from Pakistan, who holds seven individual and three relay records, had the choice to represent Pakistan or chose her father’s country, who is a British.

However, she chose Pakistan, “It was difficult to choose in the beginning, but after discussing with the coach and my parents, I decide to go for Pakistan as I would get a lot more out of being a part of the Pakistan team, since there’s a lot more people trying for the Great Britain team,” “I’m very happy to represent Pakistan and hopefully I can go as far as I can with them,” told Swann.

“She has proved herself to be Pakistan’s best female swimmer,” her mother Nadia said.

Previously, Swann had won gold and a silver medal in the women’s 200m and 100m breaststroke events in the South Asian Games for Pakistan that was hosted by India.