Syed Imaad Ali wins 32nd Pakistan Scrabble Championship (masters)


Karachi: 14-years-old Syed Imaad Ali won the 32nd Pakistan Scrabble Championship (masters) by defeating Waseem Khatri in the final. 

After clinching 19 matches each out of 27, both Imaad and Waseem fought hard to win the championship. In the end, Imaad got better off Waseem with a spread of 1469.

Waseem lost his temperament after leading in the first 20 rounds. Known for his ice-cool temperament, the reigning junior world champion Imaad didn’t give up and calmly started climbing up the ladder. He saved his best for the king-of-the-hill stage when he beat his mentor and 8-time national champion Waseem Khatri four games in a row to snatch a fairytale victory.

On the other hand, Hammad Hadi Khan finished in the third position with 18 wins and a spread of 1333. Hasham Hadi Khan who also won 18 games but had a lower spread 967.

Basil Khan, Ahad Riaz, Taha Mirza, Monis Khan, Sohaib Sanaullah, and Hassan Hadi Khan finished in top ten. 9-years-old Bilal Asher finished ahead of all senior players including former national champions.

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