Tape Ball Cricket – From Scratch to Success to Ashes


Karachi is known as the birthplace of tape ball cricket, a form of cricket that gave birth to players like Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Sami, even Wasim Akram and many others. The history of tape ball cricket dates back to the 70s, the reason for taping the ball was to curb down the effects of finger spin or as per Sadiq Mohammad, to give ball the much-needed protection. Rumman Raees, who proudly calls himself a product of tape ball cricket, recalls how the tricks he learned in the streets of Karachi helped him in competitive cricket. The sad part is that the form of cricket, which has given world cricket some match-winners, was first played in the streets of Karachi is. It is however, dying a slow death. As per Rumman Raees, Sadiq Mohammad and Tauseef Ahmed, the interest in tape ball cricket is on a decline and the standard has also dropped drastically. Hope that this magical form of the game lives on and our coming generations also get to hear the tales associated to it.