Task force set to resolve ‘Black Player’ issues


Johannesburg: The South African black cricketers are becoming furious on being ignored continuously. They complained being selected for the squad but used as water carriers only. The minister of sports Fikile Mbalula takes a serious note of this and the board is compelled to take action. A task force has been set up under the supervision of Norman Arendse to tackle the issue.

According to details the issue of South African black cricketers is becoming serious though the board has made it compulsory for the domestic teams to field 6 players of color of which 4 must be black Africans but for the national team the rules are not strict. The board claims not to have official national quotas but unofficially, it is recommended that at least four players of color take the field in every XI, of which one is black African.

Though the board thinks the measures taken by them are sufficient but on the other end the black players are becoming restless on being ignored continuously. Sometimes earlier the black cricketers wrote a letter to the board showing their concern that they were picked for the touring squad according to the board’s policy but were either kept sitting on the benches or become water carriers.

In this regard Khaya Zondo’s example was quoted who visited India last October and was a part of the limited overs squad but was never given a chance to play a single game. The minister of sports Fikile Mbalula took immediate notice of this and categorically said “I support the stance taken by the black players on this issue.”


The board was compelled to take action after this statement and its president Chris Nenzani and chief executive Haroon Loorgat met Fikile Mbalula after which it was decided to form a task force headed by a board’s neutral director Norman Arendse. This task force will study the whole matter and present its recommendations for resolving the issue.

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