Ten international championships to take place in Pakistan this year


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tennis Federation is all set to host 10 international championships in the country this year.

PTF spokesperson told that Pakistan will host four Asian Tennis Tour (ATT) Championships, two of them will be played in Lahore and the other two will be hosted by Islamabad. The Asian Tennis circuit has recently introduced ATT Championship.

The PTF has already got the sponsorship for all the events. The prize money for an international men’s event will be $5000.

Th first ATT Championship is named as Hasan Tariq Memorial Asian Tennis Tour, the championship will be played from 16th to 21st November in Lahore.

The third ATT Championship will be played in Islamabad with the name of ‘Serena Hotels Asian Tennis Tour’.

Whereas, the National Open Tennis Championships will be played between 12th to 18th December. The last Championship will be played under the name of Benazir Shaheed Asian Tennis Tour.

According to the PTF spokesperson, players from 43 different Asian countries that are member of Asian Tennis Federation (ATF) can participate in the Championships.

The spokesperson further stated that Pakistan will also host four Seniors World Ranking Tournaments during October and November. Naveena ITF Seniors and Pakistan ITF Seniors will be played in Karachi, while the other two will be played in Lahore, with title sponsors of Maple Leaf cement namely ITF World Ranking and Long Beach Pakistan ITF Seniors.

The PTF also held two Asian Tennis Federations 14 and under Champions earlier this year in the month of March in the capital city of the country, Islamabad.

The federation is also hoping to host two more ITF Senior Championships as well, one in Faisalabad and the other in Karachi.

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