Tennis legend Saeed Meer struggles with poor health and expenses


Pakistan’s tennis legend, Syed Saeed Meer is struggling with poor health. He suffered a cardiac attack on March 18 and was rushed to the hospital. The legend has not recovered since then.

The former Pakistan’s top seed tennis player had to undergo Angioplasty to have one of his blocked blood vessels opened. Meer remained on ventilator for six days before being moved to CCU.

In spite of being a national hero, unfortunately, Saeed Meer didn’t receive any attention from the government. The Angioplasty and subsequent treatment summed up an unaffordable bill for his family.

While the family was already struggling with the medical expenses, Saeed Meer suffered pulmonary edema on April 20 and he was admitted to the ICU once again for three days, piling up another pricey invoice.

The daughter of Saeed Meer, Shayaan, has written a letter to government requesting it to shoulder the burden of his expenses, he being a national hero.

“We are out of all of our savings, we request the government to pay the expenses of my father’s treatment as he has served Pakistan as a playerr for 11 years and as a coach for 30 years,” says Shayaan.

Meer was the fastest server of his era in the tennis fraternity and the highest paid athlete in the South Asia, but, the selfless sportsman spent all of his earnings in setting up a tennis academy and trained hundreds of children against a minimal or no fee.

Saeed Meer Tennis Academy was used to be the only place for Karaciites to learn tennis in the late 80s and onwards. He has arranged a number of free tennis workshops to benefit children of all class in Pakistan.

Throughout his life, he fought for Pakistan in the tennis court and now he is battling for his life, alone.

Having served his country exceptionally, Meer never received the recognition he deserved, but, he should rewarded now for his priceless contributions.

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