‘Test cricket needs protection’ says Ian Chappell


Sydney: Australia’s former captain Ian Chappell gives a simple formula to protect long duration cricket. He says “you must play first class cricket to protect Tests and ensure the best players don’t get confined to T20s only.”

According to details Ian Chappell says there is a great threat to Test and One Day cricket due to T20’s increasing popularity and the 5 day format is in a much worse condition, therefore nowadays lot is being discussed for night test cricket. Cricket Australia has taken the initiative in this direction by increasing their players emoluments so that international cricket remains their top priority. The main reason for long duration cricket losing its popularity is because of its one-sided competition. Such countries which are struggling in the five day matches need to lay more emphasis on their first class cricket. The example of West Indies is in front of us.

The West Indies team has capable players but they don’t fulfill the test format requirement. It is the first class matches which refine the player’s potential. Countries which have a better structure for first class cricket are better performers in test cricket. West Indies former star Garry Sobers after participating in the Sheffield Shield tournament in south Australia said, he’s experienced tough competition for the first time outside test cricket. Australian cricketers often keep saying they find Sheffield Shield tournament matches much difficult than test cricket, teams which find difficulty in test formats need to focus more on first class cricket and they should ensure that their best players don’t get glued to T20’s only.

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