The Board of Governors meeting


The meeting of the Board of Governors was held at the National Cricket Academy where some important matters were under discussion especially the one related to the Pakistan and India series scheduled to take place in December and January according to the MoU signed by the BCCI with PCB.

In the BoG it was decided that Pakistan will not participate in a series in India as proposed by the BCCI as they want India to honor the agreement signed earlier. Shaharyar Khan while talking to media after the meeting ended was quite vocal in his thoughts about the series. (Quotes via ESPNcricinfo and PCB)

“The BoG has reaffirmed its position regarding the scheduled Pakistan-India series,”

“They should adhere to that agreement and we should not go to India. So that’s what BoG discussed today and after that they have advised us. In reality where MoUs are signed, it’s not binding but there’s a legal opinion that it’s an agreement as you have given something against it.”



Shaharyar Khan also stated that Pakistan had survived without playing India for the last 8 years and the rumors about the PCB going bank corrupt are absolutely false.

“Some people think that if Pakistan doesn’t play against India, whether in UAE or in India, then we will go bankrupt. But we have not been playing for the last eight years and still we have survived. We won’t be getting a bonus, but it’s all right if you are not playing against us”

Although he admitted that if they do not play against India the Board will suffer some loss but that can be controlled by downsizing and cutting down on expenses but he was confident that they will pass this period.

“We will suffer a loss and we understand we have to tighten our belts and have to do downsizing but we have to pass through it. We have to sacrifice this because of the country but at the same time we are doing fine with our finances and can continue.”

Shaharyar Khan also talked about Pakistan’s particpiation in World T20 in India as he said that the board will have to obtain necessary permission form the Pakistan government.

“Keeping in mind the security situation, we will have to seek necessary approvals from the Pakistan government for the World T20.”

Interior minister of Pakistan Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has also clearly said that he would oppose any decision of Pakistan to play in India. He was quoted as saying

“This is not about money; it’s an issue that involves Pakistan’s dignity and honour,” he said. “Though the final decision is to be taken by the Prime Minister, I will oppose any tour to India under the present circumstances if it comes under discussion at a cabinet meeting or some other forum.”