The crackdown on off spinners


The crackdown on off spinners by the ICC has resulted in another suspension as the mystery spinner from the West Indies Sunil Narine has been suspended from bowling with immediate effect. The deliveries bowled by Narine were found to be above the 15 degree limit specified by the ICC. Narine can re-apply for assessment of his bowling action after going through a phase in which he modifies his action.

The off spinners have been under considerate pressure from the ICC and most have them have been suspended and banned from bowling. It is evident that this art will deteriorate if the ICC keeps on suspending off spinners at this rate.

Ideally there should be a proper clarification on this suspect action clause of the ICC code of conduct through which the respective nations of the cricketing fraternity should be taught as to how this law works and what measures should be taken to avoid such a situation. Perhaps the ICC could also alter the limits of the action and increase it to an extent so that there is some breathing space for off spinners.

The art of off spin has been such an integral part of cricket for a very long time and such suspensions and strict measures will make this art very hard to practice and the upcoming and future spinners will be reluctant to opt for this line in bowling.

On the other hand, the boards should adopt measures locally so that every bowler goes through a due process, monitored by highly trained operatives, which takes into account every angle of their bowling action before bringing them into top level cricket.

Although there is no room for spinners chucking in cricket but there is still room for alterations in this law.