The dawnfall of Pakistan Cricket


Pakistan cricket is at its lowest point these days. Since 2007 we are unable to find a proper coach , proper selector and even good players.

In recent years we tried Waqar , Mohsin Khan , Whatmore , Moin Khan and Waqar again as a coach , but all of them just earned their money and did nothing  . Today our performance is so poor that we ranked number 9 in ICC ODI ranking even below Bangladesh, this has happened for the first time in the history of Pakistan cricket.

Same thing is happening when look at the selection of the team after Wasim Bari our board has hired as many selectors that it is hard to remember their names. These selectors have done exactly what the coaches have done earned money and gone. When board forms a committee the members of the committee do press conference and made announcements that we will go to the grounds ourselves and will watch domestic Cricket live and will select the players who will perform consistently and will have temperament to become an international player , everyone will be selected on merit . But within few days you will only be seeing them at the time of announcement of squad and there too they will be selecting out of form players like Nasir Jamsheed for an event like World Cup and ignoring talent like Hammad Azam.

In 2011 Waqar Younis made an excuse that he has health issues and cannot coach Team Pakistan but after that within few months he applied for coaching job of Australian cricket team where he was rejected then he coached Hyderabad in IPL. And then after Dave Whatmore he joined team Pakistan again and since then he is coaching Pakistan and we are losing again and again. Reason to mention these things about Waqar is to tell people how much selfish he is and he is working with PCB just for money and has no regrets on performance of the team in World Cup and against Bangladesh.

Similar things are done by Moin Khan , Shoaib Mohammad and many others . It is too easy to get a job in PCB , just come to the media , sit on any tv channels , show some anger on PCB and tell some plans that what you can do and PCB will hire you . Moin Khan is one of the best example , he sat on a tv channel , showed too much sincerity for team , gave some ideas and then got the job of coach and then became chief selector but did nothing what he said he will do .

Unfortunately our cricket is at its lowest point right now. Some serious actions should be taken by the board to bring it back to where it was few years back . Bring former players like Wasim , Inzamam and others in the board , give them some responsibilities these players will definitely play their part in improving cricket Pakistan .