The light side of the Professor


Professor Mohammad Hafeez is on a high these days and enjoying his life on and off the field. After leading Pakistan to win through his magnificent knock at Sharjah, he was found answering questions of his twitter followers after he had received many requests for such a session.

The twitter Q&A session revealed few interesting and funny things about his personal life and beyond.

Hafeez revealed the name of his newly born daughter as Amal Hafeez.

Interestingly Hafeez was asked about his new bearded look and who suggested it? And the reply was a hilarious one as he said that a Ghost recommended it.

To everyone’s amazement the favorite subject of Hafeez is love chemistry. 

When asked about his views about Pakistan’s new kit Hafeez said that he is proud the wear those colors and change of kit will never change his views.

Hafeez’s inspiration is his son and Pakistan but his daughters are the best gift that ALLAH Almighty has blessed him with.

To everyone’s astonishment the most funny player in the team is Hafeez himself which came as a surprise to many of his fans and followers.

He urged his followers to live a natural, simple and humble life just like he has up til now.

Hafeez is also a staunch believer of hard work as compared to relying on luck always.

Hafeez also showed some glimpse of his cooking skills as he mentioned the fact that he can cook Chicken Curry but also said that his wife never allows him to enter the kitchen and cook.

Finally he was also asked about his favorite teacher and he gave a typical philosophical reply and said that life is his favorite in that area.

Hafeez will play in the up coming 4 match ODI series versus England beginning on 11th of November and will look to anchor the innings at the top of the order for Pakistan and also provide much needed stability to the batting lineup.