The Undertaker Returns to WWE Monday Night Raw on February 29, 2016


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  1. Sorry Mr Chaudhry Nisar – your information from sources was intelligent and good you advocated this to the relevant teams but this is not what actually happened. Your report talks on attack on something else and not warnings on university. Secondly, where’s your threshold levels on this (ie if law enforcement had not acted on this in the required timeframe – whom did you escalate to)). Obviously no one- you
    Just raised and alarm and then went back to sleep.
    Thirdly, you have such a rubbish way of sharing information that rather calling a meeting Face to face with all teams you are sending a fax of such an intelligence. Your ministry has poor governance controls. You should have called an Emergency meeting , put the intelligence next to everyone and agreed the actions with all
    Members as to how, when, where,what to act on this intelligence.
    Unfortunately you didn’t do all that and went back home to bed , thinking your job is done.

    If you are really credible and if you have really some level of dignity and the oath you have sweared against in the Parliament – step down as an interior Minister and let others come forward as you have failed here together with others.

    I believe you can do this very easily. Just needs one resignation from you. That’s all. Don’t worry about the sustenance – Allah will provide you that if your are really following his commandments. If you can’t step down then just make a dua every day that your child or grand child comes next so you know what 21 lives cost when wasted like this.


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