The Young Afghan Boy Gets His Dream Come True


The young Afghan boy, Murtaza Ahmadi, has got a signed football jersey and a football by his hero Lionel Messi. Murtaza got famous on social media as a young Messi fan when a picture of him wearing a white and blue striped shopping bag as a jersey that borne Messi’s and ‘10’ on it, went viral.


The five year old Murtaza Ahmadi belongs to Jaghori District of Afghanistan. Murtaza’s uncle, who is an Afghan residing in Australia, contacted BBC Trending after the picture became a social media sensation and got them connected with his brother (Murtaza’s father). It didn’t take long for Lionel Messi to know about his young fan.


UNICEF Afghanistan confirmed via a tweet today that Murtaza has received a signed jersey and a football from the Argentinean star.

It is dream come true for the little Afghan boy, who got fame as “the biggest Messi fan”.