Theatre of Dreams OR a Nightmare?


The mood around Old Trafford is disappointing as the club is failing to propel up the table. When talking about football at Manchester United, it has always seen a blend of style and substance.

On the other hand, the start of this season saw United pull off victories though, a sense of boring football did surround them. However, the reds are going nowhere with their campaign this season at the moment.

Considering the frustration, the biggest fan base in the world has started booing their own manager, which is the case only under unbearable circumstances at this club. Old Trafford fans are known for patience and loyalty towards their manager.

At this point of time, Dutch boss Louis Van Gaal and this historic club are going through a tough period. The pundits of the beautiful game believe that the Dutchman’s time is finally up.

Initially, it was United’s former midfield maestro and legend, Paul Scholes who pointed heavy criticism and predicted such hard times early on in the season.

Quite evidently, the red devils are not creating enough chances to get the fans out of their seat. The pace is slow along with more than enough reliability on long balls being played from the back.

It seems that United lack creativity in the final-third. It takes them almost an hour to register a shot on target in some games. The killer instinct of old, the venom that ran through this team in the Ferguson era has completely gone missing.

Despite spending heavy in all areas, this team looks sluggish as they find it difficult to score goals. No late goals and no jaw dropping comebacks which once were the soul of this club.

As per the back pages of British newspapers, the players are also done with all this as they look for a fresh face. Also, the 64 year old United boss feels that he didn’t do justice to the hopes laid on him.

If not soon, then surely in the summer of 2016, Manchester United will see a new manager. The current assistant manager, Ryan Giggs is also in line for the job along with the special-one, Jose Mourinho. However, this reluctance of parting ways with Van Gaal gives us a sense of a Guardiola approach. The current Bayern boss personifies success.

Where he goes, trophies follow.

Only time will solve the mystery as United fans have had enough with this style of football.