Last T20: Pakistan won by 36 runs

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka lost Munaweera early in 181 chase

 Pakistan clean sweep the T20 series!

(19.4) – WICKET! the fourth wicket for Amir in the game caught behind and gone

(19.2) – WICKET! Amir hunts another batsman this time

(18.6) – SIX! another big six. Fullish outside off, Prasanna swings through the line and the ball soars over midwicket.

(18.3) – SIX! way over deep midwicket. Another slower ball outside off, this one is picked. Prasanna stays back and creams a pull over the boundary

(18.1) – FOUR! Pathirana stays back and pulls over midwicket. No one there

Over 18 – Sri Lanka 123/7  Pathirana (8*) S Prasanna (3*)

(17.5) – FOUR!  a slower delivery on middle, driven hard and straight.

Over 17 – Sri Lanka 114/7  Pathirana (0*) S Prasanna (2*)

(16.6) – WICKET! skipper departs, the slower ball outside off, Thisara launches one high in the air, but the ball has not been timed.

Over 16 – Sri Lanka 107/6 NLTC Perera (4*) S Prasanna (1*)

(15.4) – WICKET! Amir strikes again! brilliant delivery, de Silva goes back to the pavilion

Over 15 – Sri Lanka 104/5 NLTC Perera (3*) PC de Silva (20*)

Over 14 – Sri Lanka 99/5 NLTC Perera (1*) PC de Silva (17*)

Sri Lankan skipper Thisara Perera is the new batsman

(13.2) – WICKET! big wicket for Pakistan!Ashraf dismiss Shanka, Imad Wasim takes an easy catch

Over 12 – Sri Lanka 91/4 MD Shanaka (51*) PC de Silva (12*)

(11.6) SIX, fifty for Shanaka. Legbreak around off, Shanaka stands his ground, brings his bat down and lifts the ball way over midwicket. Right in his wheelhouse

(11.3) – FOUR! The leg break outside off, Shanaka gets down and nails a slog sweep nicely into the gap at midwicket

(11.4) – FOUR! smashed for four. SL need a lot more. The seam-up delivery outside off, drilled over the bowler for four. Fantastic hitting

Over 11 – Sri Lanka 73/4 MD Shanaka (36*) PC de Silva (10*)

Over 10 – Sri Lanka 66/4 MD Shanaka (33*) PC de Silva (7*)

(8.4) – WICKET! Faheem Ashraf a soft dismissal. Short on middle from Faheem, hurries Udawatte into his pull

Over 8 – Sri Lanka 55/3 MD Shanaka (30*) ML Udawatte  (11*)

(7.5) – Six! a flat six. Too full from Shadab, Shanaka plays hit hard

(7.2) – Six! Shanaka the slog sweep, well played. Covered the line nicely, got underneath it sufficiently and swept it away over deep square leg for six

Over 6 – Sri Lanka 38/3 MD Shanaka (15*) ML Udawatte  (8*)

Over 5 – Sri Lanka 32/3 MD Shanaka (10*) ML Udawatte  (7*)

(4.2) FOUR! Babar Azam tried really hard but boundary is given by the umpire

Over 4 – Sri Lanka 22/3 MD Shanaka (1*) ML Udawatte  (6*)

(3.4) WICKET! Hafeez gets the third wicket for Pakistan

(3.2) FOUR, short and straight, whipped away through midwicket. A generous amount of whipping through the line of that. Fine, fine shot

Over 3 – Sri Lanka 16/2 MD Gunathilaka (9*) ML Udawatte  (1*)

(2.5) WICKET! Imad Wasim remove Sadeera, wonderful bowling by Imad

(1.2) WICKET! Amir cleaned up! The ball swings back in, and Munaweera does not account for that. Full outside off, the ball swings back, and Munaweera plays an awful shot.

Mohammad Amir to bowl his first over

Over 1 – Sri Lanka 10/0 MD Gunathilaka (9*) EMDY Munaweera  (1*)

(0.6) FOUR! First boundary for Sti Lanka

MD Gunathilaka and  EMDY Munaweera  starts the proceedings for Sri Lanka, Imad Wasim bowls the first over

Malik and Faheem have perked this innings up, and they’re now above par. Pakistan finishes with 180, a score that they’ll be rather pleased with.

Sri Lanka needs 181 to win.

(19.5) FREE HIT! SIX! Another one, Ashraf tremendously ending the inning

(19.5) SIX!, NO BALL! Faheem Ashraf comes and smash it away

(19.4) – WICKET! That’s the end of a massive inning of Shoaib Malik.

(19.3) –  SIX, gets enough of that. Another full toss, a low full toss, Malik gets underneath the length and lifts the ball over deep midwicket. Not exceptional timing, but enough power. That is also Malik’s fifty.

Over 19 – Pakistan 157/2 Shoaib Malik (43*) Babar Azam (33*)

(18.3) – FOUR! this is just great batting from Malik, slashed away through point.

Over 18 – Pakistan 147/2 Shoaib Malik (35*) Babar Azam (31*)

(17.5) – FOUR, that’s terrible fielding from deep midwicket. Allows three extra runs. Thisara is not happy.

Over 17 – Pakistan 134/2 Shoaib Malik (23*) Babar Azam (30*)

Over 16 – Pakistan 124/2 Shoaib Malik (21*) Babar Azam (23*)

(15.5) – Four! Shoaib Malik is asking the bowler to ball anywhere, he knows how to play it

(15.4) – Four! Shoaib Malik, superb shot. Can’t keep dishing up the length to Malik.

(15.3) – SIX!, that’s a poor ball, full outside off, the perfect length for Malik to get underneath and loft the ball over long-off. Plonks just beyond the boundary

Very well over so far!

Over 15 – Pakistan 108/2 Shoaib Malik (6*) Babar Azam (22*)

Over 14 – Pakistan 103/2 Shoaib Malik (4*) Babar Azam (19*)

Over 13 – Pakistan 99/2 Shoaib Malik (2*) Babar Azam (17*)

(12.6) – Four! Lovely shot, timely played Full and wide outside off, Azam opens the bat face and carves the ball past point for four.

(12.1) – WICKET! Udana gets Umar Amin, Sri Lankan skipper takes a great catch. Amin looks to hit the ball straight

Over 12 – Pakistan 91/1  Umar Amin(45*) Babar Azam (11*)

Over 11 – Pakistan 85/1  Umar Amin(42*) Babar Azam (8*)

(10.4) – Four! Powerful shot by Umar Amin, down the leg side with only one bounce

(10.1) – Six! the first ball of the over and Umar Amin welcome with a big hit

Over 10 – Pakistan 71/1  Umar Amin(30*) Babar Azam (6*)

Babar Azam is the new batsman

Over 9 – Pakistan 65/1  Umar Amin(28*) Babar Azam (2*)

(7.6) – WICKET! Flat outside off, the ball sliding on with the arm. Zaman sees some width, and tries to cut, but is beaten for pace again. The ball misses the outside edge but doesn’t miss the outside of off stump.

Over 7 – Pakistan 52/0  Umar Amin(19*) Fakhar Zaman (29*)

Over 6 – Pakistan 47/0  Umar Amin(16*) Fakhar Zaman (28*)

Over 5 – Pakistan 37/0  Umar Amin(12*) Fakhar Zaman (23*)

(4.3) – FOUR! Slow bowl gets punished by Fakhar Zaman

Over 4 – Pakistan 29/0  Umar Amin(11*) Fakhar Zaman (16*)

(3.1) – FOUR! Soothing shot by Umar Amin played in mid off

Over 3 – Pakistan 19/0  Umar Amin(5*) Fakhar Zaman (12*)

Over 2 – Pakistan 13/0  Umar Amin(4*) Fakhar Zaman (7*)

Over 1 – Pakistan 8/0  Umar Amin(1*) Fakhar Zaman (5*)

(0.1) – FOUR! Very first bowl of the match, Fakhar Zaman opens with a boundary

Fakhar Zaman and Umar Amin opens for Pakistan, Vikum Sanjaya bowls the first over

Final T20I, Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to bowl first against Pakistan.

Lahore will be very different from Abu Dhabi, in terms of ease of scoring. Short boundaries and the possibility of dew will make batting significantly easier, and so both teams may want to chase.

Pakistan (probable): 1 Ahmed Shehzad, 2 Fakhar Zaman, 3 Babar Azam, 4 Mohammad Hafeez, 5 Shoaib Malik, 6 Sarfraz Ahmed (capt & wk), 7 Imad Wasim, 8 Faheem Ashraf, 9 Shadab Khan, 10 Hasan Ali, 11 Usman Khan.

Umar Amin and Mohammad Amir come in for Usman Khan and Ahmed Shehzad for Pakistan

Sri Lanka (probable): 1 Danushka Gunathilaka, 2 Dilshan Munaweera, 3 Sadeera Samarawickrama (wk), 4 Ashan Priyanjan, 5 Seekkuge Prasanna, 6 Mahela Udawette, 7 Thisara Perera (capt), 8 Dasun Shanaka/Lahiru Gamage, 9 Isuru Udana, 10 Sachith Pathirana, 11 Vikum Sanjaya

Chaturanga de Silva comes in for Ashan Priyanjan for Sri Lanka