Third Umpire not to sit in DRS room


Wellington: ICC turns down suggestion for allowing third umpire to sit in DRS operators room.

According to details during the previous month English Umpire Nigel Llong despite a clear decision gave Australian bowler Nathan Lyon not out due to which New Zealand faced a defeat, similarly fingers were raised on Kiwis victory against Sri Lanka on various decisions. If the DRS techs were allowed to communicate with the third umpire correct decisions could have taken place.

For example during the Dunedin test New Zealand batsman Tom Latham was declared LBW on 97. The DRS operators knew the ball had touched his pads but sticking to the rules they were unable to put forward the actual situation to the match officials and the batsman was sent to the pavilion, the decision stood for all 5 referrals sent to the third umpire as he did not have much information.

After these controversies the question is being raised whether or not to allow the umpire to announce his decision. The DRS operators should be permitted to inform the facts themselves understanding the situation whether the batsman was out or not and for this the third umpire should be allowed to sit in the DRS room.

ICC has turned down this proposal and the spokesperson has informed New Zealand media that the match officials have on the spot access to all required information. On the other end its been known that a report will be presented next year in May during the ICC meeting for bringing improvement in the system and its implementation is expected by year end.